Jumat, 25 Juli 2014

Sweet Choco

I don't know what should I write here. About what I wore today, I feel no need to explain again. And if anyone asks where I get them, believe me that I rarely go shopping. 
So, since I was little, my mom always buys clothes for me, and it lasted until now. She who always pick out my clothes. Even our clothes sometimes interchangeably. haha
So actually, my mom knows more about fashion than I do.
Because she knows I like to mix and match my clothes, so she supported <3<3<3

photo were taken by Gita

Kamis, 17 Juli 2014

Oops! He asked me to lunch...

so hot today, isn't it? 
how it feels when your crush asked you out to lunch?
You certainly are very happy and wants to look pretty for him. That's what I feel right now. I hope he was impressed with me. he-he

so to make it look casual but elegant, I chose long sleeve lace tops with a pale color. then I mix it with a tosca stretchy cotton pants. and I was wearing sandals beaded with matching color with pants. This makes my feet feel comfortable.

to embellish, I wear a necklace of beads with a slightly larger size and gold floral ring.
and the last, I chose classic flap bag from Sophie Paris.

photo were taken by my sister, Gita

Selasa, 15 Juli 2014

Shock Pink and Pastel

When my friends asked me to hang out and I don't know what should I wear.
Here I'm having a serious problem. You certainly know that women take a long time to choose what clothes to wear.
Finally, I decided to wear high-low dress. And believe me, you wouldn't look too much or seem too simple

if your dress doesn't have many motives, give a little touch of the necklace. So, you will be more impressive.
And here I chose a purple necklace like club lights, because the color of my dress is too soft. 

And for the bag, I chose a bag made ​​of woven cornhusk corn. 
and to enhance my appearance, I chose peep toe shoes, Tsumori Chisato WALK from Japan, with contrasting colors and zebra accents.

photo were taken by my sister, Gita